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The Maryland Orchid Society meets the third Thursday of the month beginning at 7 p.m. See the Meetings page for a full timetable. Last month's and previous newsletters is available in PDF (acrobat) format (about 1 megabyte) online. CLICK HERE! You should receive a link to the current newsletter in your email if you are a paid up member.

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Jeffrey Morris "Growing Specimen Plants", Thursday, June 16, 2016, 7 p.m.

     Jeffrey Morris of Orchid Realm and Charlottesville Orchid Society will present “Growing Specimen Plants” as the educational topic for our June 16, 2016 monthly meeting. His talk will cover observations on growing orchids to specimen size and will include helpful hints with things to avoid to be successful.
     Jeffrey purchased a phalaenopsis over 25 years ago as a gift for a relative. He thought he could grow this strange plant and purchased a seedling for himself. This lead to an addiction to orchids that doubled his collection every 6 months for the first several years. Currently he grows over 2000 orchids in a 1800 sq. ft. greenhouse. Early in his orchid culture career he favored paphiopedilums and vandas.
     At the 2016 National Capital Orchid Society Paphiopedilum Forum Jeff was a leading expert on the Slipper Orchid Culture Panel. Although paphs and vandas are among his favorites his collection has expanded widely, Jeff now grows over 100 genera.
     Jeffrey is the second Vice President of the Charlottesville Orchid Society and previously served 5 terms as President. We are delighted he will share many of his practical and valuable culture tips on growing orchids to specimen size. This is a program not to be missed!
     Jeffrey will bring orchids for sale. If you have a specific interest or request he will look for plants in his greenhouse to bring. You may e-mail him at

Jeffrey Morris Growing Specimen Plants June 16, 2016

Stunning Maryland Display at the 2016 SEPOS Show!

Stunning Maryland Display at the 2016 SEPOS Show!

Vendors, Too.

Vendors at the 2016 SEPOS show
Fishing Creek (Harrisburg), Seed Engei (Japan), Miranda Orchids (Brazil), Ecuagenera (Ecuador).

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The Missions Statement of The Maryland Orchid Society

Mission Statement of the Maryland Orchid Society

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